Action Cellular Rent-a-Phone Expands to Egypt and Venezuela

(San Francisco, CA, May 14, 1998) As Egypt and Venezuela each strive to attract more foreign visitors, Action Cellular Rent-a-Phone is pleased to announce that it has set up shop in both countries.

The U.S. embassy in Cairo recently cancelled a travel warning it issued last November after Egyptian guards and foreign tourists were killed there. As Egypt works to revive its 3 billion dollar tourist industry, Action Cellular is well positioned to provide rentals for both leisure and business travelers.

Action's Egyptian office is managed by ETC, a cellular rental company located in the Heliopolis area, near the airport in Cairo. ETC commenced renting phones in June 1997; just 4 months after cellular service became available in Egypt.

Across the world, "Venezuela's national government has (also) given special priority to tourism", according to Hermann Luis Soriano, Minister of Tourism. Tourism has moved into second place as a source of foreign exchange and is now the second largest employer in Venezuela.

Action's partner in Venezuela is called Rent-A-Phone and has offices in Caracas and Puerto La Cruz. The company has provided rental phones for numerous foreign visitors, including President Bill Clinton and Pope John Paul II. Rent a Phone has been managed by Carlos Blaumann since 1991.

Action Cellular rents phones for use in over 200 countries worldwide, with offices throughout the United States, the Dominican Republic, France, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Australia, Israel, Italy and Japan, and is in the process of opening additional offices throughout the Middle East, Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia, the South Pacific and the Americas.

According to Action’s president Lee Dorfman, the company works with airlines and travel agents to promote its rental phones around the world. The company's customer base consists of consulates, corporations, business travelers and leisure travelers.

For more information, contact Lee Dorfman at (415) 929-0400 or 1-800-RENT-PHONE or write to lee@rentaphone.com. Action Cellular can be found online at http://www.rentaphone.com.

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