Action Cellular Rent A Phone Opens New Rental Facility in Tokyo, Japan

(San Francisco, CA, August 1, 1997)

Action Cellular Rent A Phone is pleased to announce that they have opened a new rental office in Tokyo, Japan. According to Action President, Lee Dorfman, "the enormous number of travelers flying between the United States and Japan has necessitated the decision to open the new office."

According to the Japan National Tourist Organization, 5.2 million Japanese travelers visited the United States in 1996, an increase of approximately 9% over 1995. In addition, almost 600,000 US travelers visited Japan in 1996, an increase of 9% over 1995.

According to Dorfman "many international travelers are either intimidated by the phone systems in other countries, or simply want the convenience of having a cellular phone. The most practical solution is to carry your phone with you."

Since the cellular systems in the United States and in Japan are based on different technologies, Action Cellular-Japan stocks US phones, and Action Cellular-US stocks Japan phones. The company can then deliver phones to its customers prior to departure. Alternatively, phones can be delivered in the destination country.

The General Manager for Action's Japan office is Susumu Kojima, one of Japan's most successful telecommunication professional. Action's office is strategically located in Tokyo's Shinjuku District, enabling the company to deliver phones to the City's downtown hotels with very little notice.

"Japan is a country where business relationships are developed over long periods of time" said Dorfman, "and we feel very fortunate to have developed such as excellent relationship with Kojima."

Action Cellular works with airlines, travel agents and tour groups to promote its rental phones around the world. Action Cellular was founded over 8 years ago in San Francisco, California. For more information, contact Lee Dorfman at (415) 929-0400 or 1-800-RENT-PHONE or write to lee@rentaphone.com.

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