TWA, Action Cellular Rent A Phone Offer Cellular, GSM and Satellite Phone Rentals To International Travelers

ST. LOUIS, MO, April 1, 1999 –Trans World Airlines, Inc. (AMEX: TWA) and Action Cellular Rent A Phone [ www.rentaphone.com/twa ] this week joined forces to offer cellular and satellite phone rentals to TWA international travelers visiting France, Egypt, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Israel, Saudi Arabia, the UK and the United States.

"TWA is constantly looking for ways to enhance the amenities we provide to our international passengers traveling on business or pleasure by offering innovative and practical services," according to Sheena Payne, director-service products for Trans World Airlines. "Because of Action's international relationships, TWA is able to offer its international passengers the ability to communicate anywhere in the world."

Although all TWA international passengers will be able to rent a phone, Trans World One (TWA's premium business class service) passengers will receive free phones for a week, free voice mail, and free US delivery (with 4 day advance booking). Trans World One travelers will only pay for the cellular airtime. This initial offer is valid for a limited time.

"Renting a telephone in many cases is not only a convenience, but a necessity," according to Action Cellular President Lee Dorfman. "Since cellular technology varies from country to country, travelers cannot count on their own personal phones to work wherever they go. In addition, many international travelers are sometimes intimidated by the phone systems in other countries. The most practical, economical and convenient solution is to carry a rental phone with you." Phones are typically delivered to the customer's home or office prior to departure, or to the hotel upon arrival in the destination country.

Action Cellular has offices throughout the United States, the Dominican Republic, France, the United Kingdom, Israel, Italy, Egypt, Japan and Venezuela and is in the process of opening additional offices throughout the Middle East, Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia, the South Pacific and the Americas.

According to Dorfman, Action Cellular has provided rental phones for numerous major events such as the Olympic Games in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Albertville and Nagano, and the 50th anniversary of D-Day in Normandy. Action's clients consist of governments, business travelers, leisure travelers and disaster relief teams.

TWA flies approximately 2 million passengers per month on more than 800 daily flights to 90 destinations in America, the Caribbean, Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Frequent Flyer/J.D. Power & Associates ranked TWA the number one airline in 1998 in customer satisfaction for long flights, meaning domestic flights of 500 miles or more.

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