Peter Yagecic

I am extremely impressed with the level of customer service we have received from your company, down to every last detail, especially Miguel who has gone above and beyond in every instance. The sheer magnitude of things that can go wrong with international telecommunications is in many cases unpredictable. I am quite frankly astounded by speed with which you and your team have taken care of us. I apologize if any of the frustration that has resulted from our folks having a difficult time has seemed to be directed towards the quality of the service you provide. I know better which is why I will continue to sing your praises and look to use your service. I'm not sure why Ross' phone was doing what it was and the new SIM card is working very well according to him with no issues whatsoever. Miguel was also very speedy this morning in turning on the voicemails to the last two phones that received on April 9th. I think the fact that they initially had no voicemail led our team to believe they were not in service. The only outstanding issue is the location of Todd's replacement which as you mention below should arrive today.

Thanks again for continuing to be stellar service providers.



Current Energy Savings, Inc.

I am writing to make a confession: Action Cellular as me "hooked". Somehow, over the Internet, I found Action Cellular last fall. We were on our way to Europe, business was just a little crazy, and I could neither stay home and still speak with my mother-in-law, nor go away & still remain in business – unless I could be assured of having my people reach me, where I was.

Shannon & crew set me up with a phone, a data card, & everything else I needed, even overnighting additional "stuff" from England to Italy with firm insistence to call with any questions (even though it was Sunday morning!).

Your system of prompt phone delivery & pickup worked (almost) flawlessly; the phones were great, the service was exceptional. And whenever there were questions (or even minor glitches), your staff handled them efficiently, competently, and with an extraordinary amount of concern than "the customer" be taken care of.

Shannon, in particular, must have spent HOURS answering my questions, checking the package, working with the people in England, following up on me in Italy to make sure everything was fine, confirming that "my" phone had gotten back to the office, checking on some billing questions…

It is beyond "nice" to run into a company, and people that work so hard to do a great job and make customers feel so valued and special. It could really become addictive – so, rest assured that I will call you as soon as I can see past the pile on my desk to head overseas again. (Or maybe I should start looking for a good excuse for a vacation, just so I can use your services?) also, beyond that, I have been/will mention Action Cellular to everyone I can think of who is going overseas.

Thanks, and best of luck, to all at Action Cellular.

Sandy McCardell


Jeanne Skaggs

Our son, Ryan, just returned today from Africa. We were so pleased to be able to have the phone connection with him for these past (nearly) three months. Unfortunately, he had the difficult task to tell me that a few days before he left, he had an incredible experience with two bull elephants charging his vehicle. Working alone, in the dark, he had to race in reverse then spin around as quickly as possible to speed off with the big bull not 10 yards away. He said he was never so scared in all his life, even the multiple black rhino chargings he had during his time in the bush were not that scary.

He was so rattled that he didn't think about his gear until later. The gear on the vehicle was scattered, and he could not find the phone the next morning. He thinks it must have been thrown off, but he couldn't find it later upon returning to the same area. Perhaps there's a baboon trying to make calls. Fortunately, he did have the SIM card in his billfold. All the other equipment was in the tent and is still intact.

How do we handle this? I am going to send back everything else tomorrow.

This doesn't dampen our enthusiasm for renting phones. We will definitely be using them again, especially a sat. phone next summer in Tanzania.

Please advise what to do about the cell phone.

Thank you,
Jeanne Skaggs  


Bruce Correll

This is what happened to me: I placed the order for this phone rental with your company. I was leaving for the mountains at 8:00 a.m. the next morning.

I received the phone from my outfitter on Sunday at about noon. You will notice on the call record that I began to use the phone about 2 hours later when I was taken ill with a kidney stone attack.

The phone was invaluable in that it allowed me to summon a rescue helicopter. I gave our GPS coordinates and the helicopter landed right near our camp. I was flown to Mercy Medical Center in Durango and treated for this malady.

I am now home in Santa Maria and will ship the phone back to you. I will never go into the wilderness again without an iridium phone.

Bruce Correll  


Chernobyl Children's Project

Allow me to once again thank you for your on-going support of the Chernobyl Children's Project. In past years you have exhibited both a charitable spirit and a professional manner in delivering the free mobile phone services to our organization.

As you know, these phones are used by the Belorussian translators who accompany the at-risk children from eastern Europe to northern California. Although actual usage has remained minimal, there is a strong feeling of security for all involved in the program to know that a host family can reach an interpreter on short notice even if he/she is travelling around.

I am pleased to provide a reference to you in any way that may be useful; your involvement in our program has been very professional and useful.

Dave Nelson
President, Chernobyl Children's Project  


Judy Lau

When I arrived at the San Franscisco Airport, I had a bit of trouble finding the newly set up rent-a-phone shop. Yet it's all worth the time and effort.

Your Shop representative was very patient with us foreign business travellers, and explained to us the different packages. The service was activated on the same day, and I started making all the important calls to confirm my appointments for my short stay in San Francisco and the Bay Area. I just could not imagine how I could have survived without the phone.

Your response to my request for a detailed call statement was also surprisingly prompt. With your help, I am now able to reimburse this rather expensive telephone bill. We all know there is no free lunch, but if the food is good and the service is wonderful, you really don't mind paying a bit of premium.

Judy Lau  


Jeanne Skaggs

Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that we have really been thankful we sent the sat. phone and the cell phone to South Africa with our son. While he was in the city, the cell phone was great in that it had a very good connection. But he's been in the bush for about a month where there is no cell signal. We really look forward to his calls, and gladly put up with the dropped calls, echo, static, etc. We didn't think he would use it very much because of the cost per minute, but after he was there, we told him not to worry about it and call often. I can't imagine what our bill will be, but it will be money well spent.

Thanks again for your assistance in arranging this. We are all planning a trip to Tanzania next summer and will want to take a sat. phone with us.

Best Regards,
Jeanne Skaggs  


World Technologies LTD

I am writing to thank you for your excellent service last week. As you may recall we had a unique situation where we needed two separate phones. One was needed for Japan and one for Korea. Due to problems with Federal Express, neither phone arrived as scheduled. I was very impressed that your company went out of its way to get replacement phones to us on time. A new phone for Japan was sent overnight to us before we left Kansas City and the phone for Korea was re-routed to the Minneapolis airport. I was pleasantly surprised when the phone was hand-delivered to us at the terminal.

I don't get the opportunity to write many letters like this throughout the year, because few businesses offer superior service. I have already referred a couple of people to Action Cellular and I will not hesitate to refer more. Thanks again for your service and I look forward to patronizing your company again.


Larry Askew, Esq.,
Senior Vice President  


Lanette M.

It's a rare occurrence these days that one can write about outstanding customer service but that is exactly what I want to do.

I was not familiar with global phones when I went to Google and searched for just that. In viewing the offerings I decided to explore your site and not only did I find easy to read, concise information but I also found outstanding customer service from your employee Brandon. Brandon's great service wasn't a fluke because I called him over and over with questions and requests and each time he was courteous, knowledgeable in his answers and to my view truly concerned in taking care of my situation. How fortunate you are to have an employee like Brandon!

We look forward to working with your company as our company grows.


Lanette M.  


Pacific Leisure Management

I am writing to tell you how much have appreciated working with Action Cellular for the past several years.

As you know, PLM is one of the oldest Japanese travel agencies in San Francisco. Action Cellular has provided rental phones for many of our Japanese visitors and has done its service with excellent customer satisfaction and attention to detail. Further, you have staff members that speak Japanese, so that makes working with Action Cellular very easy for us.

Masako has advised me that you would soon be providing phones at the airport. I believe it will be of great benefit to PLM.

Good luck and let me know if I can be of further assistance.


Mark Sakura
Vice President  


Senator Diane Feinstein

I don't want to let another day go by without letting you know how deeply I appreciate your tremendous assistance and support...Again, please accept my heartfelt gratitude for your kind and generous support. I look forward to a long and continued friendship."

Senator Diane Feinstein  


American Heart Association

On behalf of the San Francisco Chapter of the American Heart Association, I'd like to thank you for providing cellular phones for the 17th Annual May Day Run on May 1, at the Golden Gate Park Polo Field. The phone made it easier for race organizers to contact vendors and also provided a critical safety element to the 800 runners. Your assistance helped us produce a smooth and successful race, raising $25,000 for the San Francisco Chapter. These funds will help greatly as the AHA strives to reduce death and disability from cardiovascular disease and stroke, the nation's number one killer. In return for the service you provided, it was our pleasure to announce Action Cellular's support at our awards ceremony and several times throughout the event, and display sponsorship signage on our event stage. Thanks again for your support..."

Julie Wellik,
Development Associate  


Carol Ruth Silver

Afghanistan is about 10,000 miles and a thousand years away from San Francisco. But because you recommended a satellite phone, I was able to get regular contacts from my son serving in the U.S. Army there. He was sent to the front lines shortly after 9/11.

I cannot thank you enough. Expensive, yes, but worth every penny in peace of mind.

Your staff was outstanding in finding a solar charger, in replacing some equipment he lost in transit, and generously being cheerful and helpful. Many thanks.




K101 Radio

K-101 would like to thank you and your staff for helping us out, especially in those "last minute" situations, where our on-location broadcasting would not have been possible without your help. I have and will continue to recommend Action Cellular to my industry colleagues for their cellular needs...

Curtis Gomez,
Assistant Chief Engineer at K-101 Radio  



I wish to thank you for the excellent business relationship we've developed over the past few months...Your constant attention to our account was especially appreciated, particularly when it came to your "presence" when we though we might run into trouble with some of our phones. We didn't--of course-- but having you right there made all the difference. I appreciated your approach with us--your willingness to increase your inventory of pocket-sized phones to meet our request, a custom-tailored rate package, and your onsite attention to both exhibitor business and show management. It was truly a pleasure--a rare one-- to call your place of business and find that the first person to answer the phone is able to answer all the initial questions, place the order and to trace a problem. I will recommend Action Cellular and look forward to working with Action Cellular again in the future.

Martha Shaw Geraghty,
Interop Company  


Central YMCA/ Literacy School

On behalf of the Central YMCA and the Literacy School, I want to express my sincere thanks for your contribution to the YMCA Literacy School's Shake Rattle and Roll fundraising event...Shake, Rattle and Roll was successful in that we were able to surpass our desired minimum goal of $5,000 for the event...

Alison Evans,
Literacy School Director 


San Francisco Convention and Visitors Bureau

Thank you for playing an important part in the success of the Golden Gate Bridge Photo Shoot. The photo shoot went very well and received substantial media coverage including KRON, CNN World News, The Marin Independent Journal, and The San Francisco Chronicle...Again, it was a great event, and on behalf of the [San Francisco Convention & Visitors] Bureau, I would like to say thanks for the important part you played.

Lovester R. Law,
San Francisco Convention & Visitors Bureau  


Cirrus Logic

I found the customer service excellent and that, so far as I knew, the rental had been without problems...I learned that our phones can be used as "local" phones throughout the Continent since you subscribe to a global service. This is very convenient for the user. (We had been told that the equipment would react as originating from the U.K. regardless of the location of the user.) Again, thanks for a relatively hassle-free rental experience.

Pansy Moss,
Cirrus Logic  


High End Systems

Thank you very much for all of your help. The price you quoted me is very satisfactory, and I really appreciate your assistance with this matter. Your ability to turn a bad situation into a good one has bee well noted, and if I or another employee at High End Systems requires your services in the future, we will definitely give you a call.

Penny Fletcher,
High End Systems, Inc.  


M. Chin

Thank you very much for all of your help. The price you quoted me is very satisfactory, and I really appreciate your assistance with this matter. Your ability to turn a bad situation into a good one has bee well noted, and if I or another employee at High End Systems requires your services in the future, we will definitely give you a call.

M Chin